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At Elegant Events by Denise we specialise in venue decor for any type of event - weddings, parties and corporate events. We provide the best quality glassware, centrepieces, venue decor and table decor. We can offer the whole package to every bride and groom, from hiring to creating the perfect wedding. We cater for every type of event, weddings, Christmas parties, baby showers, school proms, corporate events to name a few. We know how important it is to have everything perfect for your special occasion and we pride ourself on our service. We make your dream day come true. 

Our vast hire range covers a wide variety of products from vases, sweet jars, drinks stations, centrepieces, candelabras, easels, chair covers, sashes, flower displays, mirror plates, pom poms, bunting, favours, table runners and other goodies. Our Centrepieces can be adapted to suit your preferences and theme, which will make your table truly unique and personal to you!

We also set up amazing candy tables incorporated into the theme of your wedding or event, the guests will love them. All your favourite candy, chocolate or cupcakes on one table! You could try our funky candy centrepieces on your table for that wow factor!

Contact us for a free consultation and to see how your wedding or event will be set up.

We create the perfect look for every budget


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